A Prophet for This Generation
  • A Prophet for This Generation

A Prophet for This Generation

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In an easy-to-read and engaging manner, A Prophet for This Generation delves into the topic of Ellen White and her continued relevance for us today!


- Why should we care about Ellen White?
- Why did God raise her up?
- What role did God intend for her to play in our time and in our lives?
- What is the big deal with her writings if she is just a “lesser light”?
- Didn’t she say we don’t need her if we study the Bible?
- How is Satan, as predicted, making her writings of none effect?
- How can we avoid falling into those subtle deceptions?
- How can we keep away from the pitfall of fanaticism?
- How can we finally be marvelously blessed and helped by her writings, as God intended?

"The timeliness and relevance of this call cannot be overstated." - Daniel Pel, Pastor/Evangelist, Norway

"May hundreds of thousands be blessed by it's reading. Truly it is a book for this generation." - Kim Busl, OCI Field Vice-President Africa and Western Europe

Published 2015

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